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Heads up; first animation is now on Tumblr, though being NSFW I can't show it here.

Go follow / bookmark if you haven't already!

Frederika Preview3 by Disembowell

Frederika Preview2 by Disembowell

Frederika Preview1 by Disembowell
r u even ready 4 freddie tho??

....cuz she is

Initial animation’s gonna be short and sweet; don’t expect some 2 hour Disney Pixar quality magnum opus ;)

...and don't expect an adult version for DA either; i'll either link to Tumblr or replace it with a banana...


My New Year Resolution is to start uploading at least once a week, usually at the weekend

I’ve been quiet for too long and it’s stoopid because i’m actually doing 3D stuff most of the time

I’m just about ready to show off some small, cute, “test” animations, so expect to see something this weekend ayy =3
I know DA doesn't like "sex", but they seem to be fine with nudity;

I'm touching up the animatronic bodies before trying out some Blender renders, and it's been boring over the past few months... but here's some progress anyway;
Fnaf Changes by Disembowell

mangbonfred by Disembowell
I’m making the switch to Blender, so what with learning that and touching up things (Chica’s new beak, little bits here and there on the models, binge watching Blender tutorials, making new heads) and writing more of the story (sourcing environments for renders), and mostly just being lazy, things have been quiet round here… not for much longer tho!

I knew you'd read this if I included a quick render.... gottem
Undyne1 by Disembowell

Undyne2 by Disembowell
armour's almost done; serious renders s00n ;)
so i was playing around with armour and, um... i like both styles...

1. knight undyne
2. mercenary undyne


Undyne Armoured by Disembowell(not her final armour, just indicative of the style!)
Undynepreview2 by Disembowell
almost there...
few more final touches and it's render time
Final preview / WIP shot before Undyne's finished, next render will be full body & armour --- DAZ material tests ;)I2136^cimgpsh Orig by Disembowell
Little update on Sexy Undyne;

UndyneWIP2 by Disembowell

I'm going to make a few hairstyles so I can switch from short to long, up to down... not many since i'm generally crap at hair, but enough for variety, hoooo!

grats to everyone that guessed correctly - i'll make it a little easier next time!!1

I didn't have anything planned but as it turns out, I did a couple of renders that turned out to be a bit too... explicit for DeviantArt. No prizes for guessing what's going on behind Chica's head!

Uncensored version on my Tumblr, - bookmark it / follow me there if you haven't already, it's where I put all the naughty stuff

if Human![aroused=true]
run buttcreck.exe
goto start

I don't actually know how to program at all... shame
Going to go back and re-render that first batch of FNAF "remakes" in 1080p, with the new versions - looking at them now is painful...

These ones;

Mature Content

...Foxy?! by Disembowell

Mature Content

...Mangle?! by Disembowell

Should I update the old uploads, or upload fresh ones? Wouldn't want to spam ;)
C - c'mon quiiick!!
P - Chica, if this is another one of your silly games...
C - look! see?!
P - Oh my...
C - c'mooon bonbonbonbonbon
B - Well, it shocked Prima.
C - bonbonbonbon
B - Fine, fine.
C - yeeesssss
M - <3 Coming <3
B - Are they...?
Fr - Hua?!!
C - c i told u aaahaha

Baby, Baby!
Time for the final run of renders before having another crack at animation... they'll probably be very NSFW though, so they might not appear here.

My Tumblr will hold all the secrets... ;)

Original design by Cherrythemedic,

>> :iconcherrythemedic: <<

Disembowell style Baby by CherrytheMedic

(Check out her other animatronic designs, they're sick!)
(I added lips and changed the fan into a glowing pink orb because reasons)
Azshara, Tyrande, Boobs
Still ironing out the kinks on the animatronic side of things, sit tight! Have some random "semi-WIP" in the meantime;

Queen Azshara and Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft.

Custom morphs made for DAZ Genesis 2 Female based on their in-game models along with using in-game assets (their hair, eyebrows, jewellery). Not canon at all, but... m-my night elf waifus D':

Latex because... latex is amazing?!
I've never written one of these before, so i'm not sure who actually sees it... but i'll put it out there anyway!

Since i'm getting along nicely with the Pokémon Snap XXX models (Blazeiken to go, then clean up, then release!), I was wondering what to do in the future. I've had the odd request for things, which i'll do before anything else, but i've got a few ideas, let me know what you think;

:bulletblack: "Five Nights at Freddy's" - i've seen some fan art floating around ( like this! )and I think there might be some vague potential... sure it's a horror game but I was dwelling on maybe having a go at some sexy alternate versions of the characters from it!

:bulletblack: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, specifically Venus de Milo (examples 12 ) - more of a personal one, I was dwelling on making her when it struck me I might as well just do female versions of each turtle to coincide... unsure though

:bulletblack: WoW models - now, I can do a lot of models from the current iteration of Warcraft, but i'm probably going to create a few characters with the model updates and release them if no-one else does... not sure if I should take character requests (headache if they pile up) or just make lore characters like Tyrande, Jaina etc (side note: I already have some really old, early attempts at rigging in the form of Tyrande, Azshara and Jaina's  models, just not released... so in case anyone wants them just ask)

:bulletblack: Vivi from BrainDead - all I need to do here is provide an example to realise making her's a no-brainer...!

...and that's about all I can think of at the moment. If I don't eventually do all of them, i'll certainly do some of them!


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XeNmAs-Lara Featured By Owner 6 days ago
sup bro do you speak spanish? and are you still making xnalara models? i really like your models alot i want to know what program do you use to create your models and make that nice feets and anus on your models are amazing
Disembowell Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I don't speak Spanish, I don't really make XNALara models anymore, and I use Blender to create 3D models ;)
BreakinBenny Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018
Sup Disembowell, what's happenin?

I'm currently doing a short SFM movie of Lopunny's little adventure through the game Escape from Whisper, because I felt like it'd be fun to do something that doesn't need to involve furry porn. :D (Big Grin) 
Disembowell Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018
Doesn't need to involve furry porn...? Get out!
BreakinBenny Featured By Owner Edited Jan 22, 2018
Make me, you'll still see unclothed anthromorphic beasts. ;)
Disembowell Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018
ewww guh-rosssss
(1 Reply)
HandsomeMaks Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
SynjoDeonecros Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist…

You, sir, are a prophet of your time...
Disembowell Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017
I'm legit hoping when sex droids are a thing, I can license my model designs and get a few myself ;D
ASKINOSKOVITCHIMISMN Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
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